Target Pace


Target Pace is the average pace based on an upcoming event goal.


Choosing a Target Pace is mainly subjective. You predict what outcome the event over a longer period should be. This prediction can be based on your wish, limitation for another event, needed to get on the podium, etcetera.

Choosing a TargetPace can be part objective. Based on your previous workouts you can analyze what your pace is for a certain amount of time, especially if you do some Time Trials on Maximum Effort over shorter distances during training.

Choosing a TargetPace therefore should be realistic, in reach of your capabilities, enough time between now and your event to be able to make enough hours to train.


Your entire trainingplan should be focused on the ability to sustain your TargetPace.

When you start your trainingplan, TargetPace is perhaps in the Anaerobic (A)Lactate Energy System and what you like to do is shift it towards the Aerobic Energy System so you can maintain that pace for a longer period. This shifting takes time and should be build up gradually.

Include training on TargetPace throughout your TrainingPlan and gradually increase the amount of training around your TargetPace, especially in the weeks closer to your event. Don't forget to include a Taperweek!


After you have chosen your TargetPace it is time to set your trainingzones. If you use software like Trainingpeaks or Garmin Connect you can change the settings and set your sport using TargetPace and let the software calculate.

If you want to set the zones by yourself, we created some tools to help you.


Now it is time to create a trainingplan:

- Most important is what the amount of time (weeks/months/year) you think it will take to get you on TargetPace for your event.
- After you have set the date, it is time to do the Periodization.
- Choose a Pace-Based trainingplan


- Start training
- Fill your LogBook with honoust feedback
- Adjust where necessary but not too much: adaptation comes over time
- Always trust the Process

How can we help?

If you need any assistance in determining your TargetPace, both subjective and/or objective; choosing the right TrainingPlan; creating Mesocycli or perhaps help you out with your nutrition, feel free to contact us.

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