Laboratory Testing


The most valid and reliable tests are carried out in a laboratory. The advantage of these sorts of tests is that they actually measure the component.
Besides this, it is a safe environment. No traffic, professional assistance, no weather influence.

So if you want the most reliable test and you want to get the numbers to be as close to your abilities, go test in laboratory like conditions.

Why not?

Offcourse the opposite of the Why, but also think about money and time. Doing a laboratory test is quite expensive so you should really need to consider if you need that accurate number. If you think doing a test outside in safe conditions gives you a good enough result, do that! Less money, less time consuming and you are able to do it more often during your annual trainingplan.


We suggest that you test in the same way as you do your sport. If you are a cyclist: use a smart trainer test and if possible use your own bike. If you are a runner: use a runner treadmill. Rower: use the rowing ergometer.
Zones, Critical Speed, Maximum Heart Rate are different per sport due to the specific muscles used and external load.

Make sure you do an intake a week before the test, so you can prepare optimal. Eating, drinking, resting, training, all these variables can influence the accuracy. Consult during your intake what (not) to do. Also consult what you need during the test: cloths; eating; drinking; can you shower afterwards. Be prepared as much as possible, consider it competition-level-A

Don't be afraid to go as deep as possible. You are in a safe environment with possible medical facilities so really go for it during the test. Fainting, black out, vomitting, feeling terrible: it is all part of the goal.


Allmost every laboratory with controlled conditions can be suitable for you. It really all depends on what your gut feeling is. If you don't trust it or you feel uncertain: don't go there. You need to be 100% comfortable to reach the most accurate numbers.
Why not take a look at the lab first or perhaps you can visit the lab while a test is in progress.
At least make sure that the laboratory of your choice can measure the kind of numbers you are looking for.

We recommend using a facility like a hospital if you experience some difficulties with your vascular or respiratory system. If things go wrong, you are in the right place.

Sorts of test

Depending on your goals, you need to work with specific components such as aerobic fitness; endurance; maximal aerobic capacity; lactate threshold; strength and so on.
So you first need to find out what you are looking for (we can help you with that). Next step is to find the test which will give you that number.

- VO2 max
- Velocity at VO2 max
- Lactate threshold
- Sustainable % VO2 max
- Exercise efficiency
- Exercise economy
- Flexibility
- Strength
- (Muscular) Endurance
- Balance
- Body composition

Need help?

So, doing a test is perhaps more complicated and we understand that you want some help. Feel free to contact us with any questions or perhaps you need some assistance in the process towards a test.

On a small scale we ourself are also able to do some tests.

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