Offer suggestions about the best course of action.

In what can we advise?

You name it!

Some examples, really: the sky is the limit.
- Technique
- TrainingPlan
- Tactics
- How to take off a wetsuit fast
- How to improve my bike setup
- How to use a foam roller
- Training while getting used to eat/drink needed in competition
- How to fit my whole life including training in my already busy day/week/month/year
- Strength Workouts

How can we advise?

On a regular base we will publish some articles on this website which you can use for free advise. If you don't want to miss one, you can subscribe to our newsletter below.

Contact us with any question and based on your question we can look into it and make an appointment.

One of the outcome of our advise can be that we send you some url's of articles or video's with our suggestions which you can use yourself, experiment with it and decide if you want to adopt it or take it as lessons learned.

Have an in-real-life meeting is the most preferable way to give advise. You can look each other in the eye, can provide each other with instant feedback, show examples, adjust settings and so on.

And what goes for "In what" is the same for "How": you name it, the sky is the limit.

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